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About Us

Fat Man and the Redhead is the name of Genuine Arizona Taste. The eponymous “Fat Man” and “The Redhead” are Scott and Gretchen, respectively. Scott is an accredited pastry chef who was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Scottsdale, Arizona. He has received many awards for his signature dry rub in preparing meat, an art he acquired while in the armed forces. Gretchen has the food industry in her blood as well, as her mom and grandparents taught her the best cooking techniques from an early age. She honed her craft while learning from and working at an authentic French bakery.

When Gretchen and Scott met, it was a match made in heaven. Scott shared his unique dry rub with Gretchen, and she began to incorporate it into many different kinds of foods. Sensing they were onto something special, they decided to move forward with their dream and established “The Fat Man and the Redhead.®.”

We have been in the business of making tasty spiced snacks, confectionary items, bakery goods, candies, and many other foods that you can’t get enough of. The Gecko State is known for its vast roads, openness, and the great outdoors.  . So, the next time you’re down for a drive down to this Amazing Country, take some of our renowned snacks with you to keep you company!

At the Fat Man and the Redhead, we make all the snacks we sell. We use family recipes to add a unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere and a spice that changes flavor depending on how you prepare it, be it smoky or sweet.
We understand that everyone has their own particular taste. That is why each product has its own specialties that make it unique. We source our ingredients from a reliable web of suppliers that bring us the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our product lines are pretty extensive, but we’re planning on expanding, so join us on our journey!

You can find us whenever you need us, be it at concerts, special events, and other areas of business. Best of all, to suit the growing demand, we’re now selling our products online as well, so you never run out of the good stuff when you need it!

We’re always expanding and making strides in the snack industry and would appreciate your support. Fat Man and the Redhead is a brand By Arizonians for everyone who loves a bit of spice in their life.